Information about Empire City transfer in May 2020

Update progress Empire City Viet Nam

Empire 2 Room 93m2, view overlooking 88 floors, central lake cost 8.9 billion (full tax charge).
2 rooms, the best view of river in District 1 (city view) is VND 10.7 billion (market price of 11 billion)
* 3Room – Area of ​​127m2.
– View northeast, floors look 88 floors.
– Selling price: 13 billion.
* 3PN – Area 152m2.
– Southeast view, middle pool view.
– Selling price: 14.8 billion.
The above apartments have paid 40%, expected to receive the quarter 4/2020.
Already have the contract to name immediately.
Tilia Residences – MU7.
– 1Room cost from 6.5 billion pool views.
– 2Room cost from 9.5 billion park view.
– 2Room cost from 10 billion river views.
– 3Room cost from 14 billion view internal park.
– Duplex floor 4Room through the best view of 203m2 (contact price).
25% paid.
Cove Residences MU11 – luxury apartment front of Saigon river:
– 2Room view river of 14 billion.
– 2Room internal view price of VND 9 billion.
– 3Room river view price of 22 billion.
– 4Room view river district 1 cost 36 billion.
15% paid.
Narra Residences – MU8.
– 1Room costs from 12 billion.
– 2Room costs from 14 billion.
– 2Room + 1 priced from VND 17 billion.
– 3Room cost from 21 billion.
– 4Room cost from 33 billion.
The above prices include tax to name transfer.


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