6 Steps to Dream Apartment

Step 1. Receive information from you

We will receive your information and purchasing needs (type of apartment, price, location …) to choose the most suitable apartment. You can contact us by phone, email, or chat directly with us.

Step 2. Basic consultation about the apartment

Based on the needs that you send to, the business division will give a list of available apartments and help you choose the apartment you like best. We have 100 apartment cart with full location, area and good price in the market.

Step 3. Go to see the project, model apartment and sa table.

We will go with you to see sample apartments, advise at the project of the location of apartments to be offered for sale. You will visit the actual location at the project site.

Step 4. Negotiation and deposit

We will negotiate the best price. The staff will provide legal advice on apartment purchase and sale process so that you can buy an apartment in the shortest time. Both the homeowner and the customer make a deposit appointment to view the documents and corner contract.

Step 5. Sign notarized documents

Based on the original sale and purchase contract from the investor, we will follow the correct legal procedures and process to transparently and quickly transfer your apartment to you.

Step 6. Tax Payment – Assignment

Transfer the names of old visitors to new ones at the owner
All rights of old owners end and transfer to new buyers.