Last days of 2020, Linden Empire is almost completed and ready to handover. Many landlords are worrried about leasing their units. Beside the tenant for rent, reasonable price is another feature that most concerned about. Because unreasonable price would lead to bad results as: hard to find tenant or devaluation their units. Understand those, we have some ideas for landlord & tenant to consider:

Rental, how much is reasonable ?

First of all, let’s take a look around apartment for rent market. Whover want to find potenial tenants for their units. Who will be potenial customers for rent at Linden Empire ?

  • Rent for office: maybe foreigners looking for 2 in 1 (living & office); streamer room or Online office.
  • Air BnB service: this type develops very quickly. It supplies short-term rent from foreigners or for customers wanted to experience.
  • Small family: 1Br/2Brs is a best choice for nuclear family or small family with 1 child.
  • Big family: as family with 2 child or also grandparents would suitable with 3Brs.

Ok, now we could see our potenial tenant portriat. Next, how about the handover condition landlord could remember ?

Almost landlord will handover FULLY INTERIOR to their tenant

How about rent an empty apartment ?

Answer maybe “No” or “I do not like it because it is not convenient”. Nowadays, almost people said that they refer a fully unit to rent than an empty one. It is more convenient because they just need to move in with their clothes on vali. And when move out, just do the same step as move in. It saves a lot of time for interior move in or out.

Another reason that landlords give a better price than empty house.

LINDEN EMPIRE FOR RENT, how much is reasonable ?

Many landlord asked me: how much is reasonable ? Hmm…there are many feature to make a final price as we mentioned above, as:

  • Amount of bedrooms ?
  • View of the unit (river – swimming pool – internal – Empire 88 Tower)
  • Type of unit: shophouse – resident – duplex – penthouse
  • Usage: there would be some incurred-fees  when use unit as office.

Below, we have a REFERENCE PRICELIST about Linden Empire Rental in 2020-2021:

  • 1Br: $1,000 – $1,200/month.
  • 2Brs: $1,500 – $2,000/month.
  • 3Brs: $2,100 – $2,500/month.

We have had a post about the expected rental at Linden Empire City few last months here.

Base on our information, we think that landlord could have their own rental. For more information or you need our support about looking for tenant or unit to rent. Please contact us via our Hotline: (+84) 944 087 968, we will support you by our heart.

Empire City progress updated by November.

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