On social networks or on news sites today are showing the Empire City project information on the tallest building with many different parameters such as 115 floors, 105 floors, or 86 floors. How tall is the Empire city, is the empire district 2 building called Empire 88 Tower officially or the name ICON 88, let’s explore some information in this news spot

Empire City The tallest building, including the tallest building in Thu Thiem new urban area (34 floors) and the tallest financial building.

According to information, on December 21, 2019, at the Empire City investor’s sales area, the signing ceremony between Empire City LLC (Emperor City LLC) and Büro Ole Scheeren was held to implement the stage. followed by the Empire City 88 tower cluster, marking an important milestone in the journey of Empire City.

The official website of this unit has a piece of preliminary information about the financial tower cluster as follows:

Type: High-rise complex, residential, office, hotel, commercial

Total floor area of 3 buildings: 362,900 m2


Empire City Tower How tall is the tallest building?
Financial empire city organization signing ceremony

How tall is Empire City?

HEIGHT OF buildings in the commercial office and financial tower Empire 88 Tower
  • MU1 – Empire 88 Tower is 333m high, includes 88 ground floors, floor area 174,800 m2 (Residential area 71,800 m2, Office for lease 10,500 m2, Commercial 32,500 m2, Hotel 35,000 m2, Serviced apartment 25,000 m2)
  • MU2 – The Skyview is 165m high, including 36 ground floors, floor area 109,900 m2 (Office 75,900 m2, Commercial 34,000 m2)
  • MU3 – The Skyline 124m high, including 34 ground floors, floor area 78,200 m2 (Residential area 47,400 m2, Commercial 30,800 m2) 

Empire Building District 2 is the highlight of the future architecture of the entire Thu Thiem urban area

With a unique modern architectural design, the German design unit will bring a symbolic work masterpiece for the prosperity of the economy east of Saigon as well as the Ho Chi Minh area in general.


The futuristic design of the tallest building in Empire City
The futuristic design of the tallest building in Empire City
empire building district 2
Empire building district 2

To keep up to date with the latest information on the Empire City project, please email or contact the Empire City apartment consultant to get the latest information on the consignment cart.

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