What’s new at Empire City 2021 ? Spotlight of end 2020 is Linden Residences completed and ready to handover. A question that what will change to make more opportunity for investment ?

Empire City 2021 and keys to increase the value in next 3 years

Empire City 2021 price, how much is for this term ?

  • Empire 88 Tower with 88 floor located in Thu Thiem New Township, District 2 will be on construction by end 2020 – start 2021. Which lead resale market to get to rushed-time.

  • Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will be completed with branch from District after 5 years delay. On 2021, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge help residents of Thu Thiem and Empire City to arrive District 1 within 5 minutes walking.

  • Completed “Dai Lo Vong Cung” which surround Empire City; access to “Thu Thiem Tunel” and “Mai Chi Tho”.

  • Greeting to Eco Smart City on Line 1 “Dai Lo Vong Cung” which also has competitive price on high-end property market.

  • Last but not least is handover event of Tilia Residences in Empire City.


All will lead the resales market get a new high of price-increase. So,now is the best time to make a decision of buying to earn the best profit.

Why should we buy Linden this time ? OPPORTUNITY and THREAT

This time, landlords are going to pay for the next payment on schedule. Now, new buyers only need to pay 50% as schedule and premium not 95% and premium as when handover. Let’s take a look, we both need to pay 95% before handover. But when landlord paid 95%, transfer price will increase due to the tax & money paid.

So that, the best method to invest at Empire City: BUY IT NOW!

Now; or waiting until II/2021 when Empire City Thu Thiem make next step of development.

Base on these purpose, we think that you could imagine how potenial at Empire City on 2021. For more information to make a good decision, please contact us via Hotline: (+84) 944 087 968.

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