Type: High-End Apartment

Investor: Keppel Land

Price: 70 billions VND per m2

Construction: 01/01/2016

Giá: 5.7
  • Số căn hộ: 4
  • Mật độ xây dựng:
LINDEN Residences
Giá: 6.7 TỶ
  • 63.8
  • 1 PN
  • 1 WC
Giá: 19.6 billions VND
  • 140
  • 3 PN
  • 3 WC
Narra Residences
Giá: 16 tỷ
  • 126
  • 3 PN
  • 3 WC
Giá: 22.5 tỷ
  • 191
  • 4 PN
  • 3 WC
Tilia Residences
Giá: 11 - 12 tỷ
  • 98m2
  • 2 PN
  • 2 WC
Tilia Residences
Giá: 6.8 tỷ
  • 63.8
  • 1 PN
  • 1 WC
Tilia Residences
HĐMB 35%

 empire city

Emperor Location

We wanted to capture the spirit of the tropical city, where life indoors and outdoors plays an equally important role and the presence of nature is incredibly important and relevant to us as a whole, and how we can reconcile the tension between the dense built environment and nature, to which escape is simultaneous.
Büro Ole Scheeren

Our Best Services

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Why Choose Empire City

Empire City Is Perfect Choice

Located in a New CBD surround by many big projects. Empire City will bring you an unique experience among The New Central Bussiness District and unique utilities only have in Empire City.

Moreover, Empire City location is very covenient for resident to connect with others area. Plug into the pulse of the city at the dynamic new commercial center. This bustle hub will be home to the global business and major financial institutions. This is the one address that matters – Empire City.

At Empire City – Emperor Location

We are confident to bring the best chance with high benefit and the best living environment for our customers here!

Đức Nhân / CEO

6 Steps To Own A Dream Home

Step 1. Get customer’s enquiries

We will get the enquiries from customers (type, price, location,…) to find most suitable unit. Customers could contact us via phone number, email or chat directly to us.

Step 2. First advisory and quotation

Base on customers’s demand, our consultant will make a list of available units and support customers to choose the best unit with fully and updated information. We have more than 100 units available from directly landlord with the best price.

Step 3. Take a site visit

We will support you take a site visit at “Model House” to see the paradigm & have a look overviews.

Step 4. Negotiate and Deposit

We will support customers to negotiate with the best price. Our consultants will support you about the resales legal progress to get your most statisfied unit as soon as possible. After fixed reasonable price, landlord and customers will make an appointment to deposit.

Step 5. Sign the Notary Document

Base on the Sales Contract from Investor, we will support customers to complete all the legal progress, make sure that the resales progress will be transparent and quickly.

Step 6. Taxes duty – Completed Transfer

(Change name on the Sales Contract into new landlord on Investor)
All rights of old landlord end and alienate to new landlord.